LCI Concrete, Inc.
10797 E 755th St.
Colchester, IL 62326
Herschel: 217-440-1149
Amy: 309-837-1259

Our Services

LCI Concrete
We provide materials for the construction of streets and site infrastructure, for commercial development, and for residential subdivisions and basements.

LCI Concrete is the largest recycler of concrete materials in the Macomb area. Our Recycling Center has the capacity to take old concrete and asphalt millings and manufacture it into high quality aggregates which meet Illinois Department of Transportation specifications.

LCI Concrete

Concrete/Asphalt Disposal

We accept concrete and asphalt waste. Material must be free of foreign materials other than rebar and wire mesh. Contact Herschel Swan at 217-440-1149.

Hot & Cold Weather Concrete

  • During cold weather, we offer heated water and heated aggregates to keep the mix temperature up.
  • During warm weather, we offer chilled water to keep the mix temperature down.

Ordering Tips

For the best service, please note the following:
  • 24 hours notice
  • 48 hours notice on pours of 100 Cubic Yards or greater
  • Special specifications of mix and slump requirements
  • Clear communication on concrete additives
  • Tell the dispatcher the address and any other special instructions (which entrance to use, back-in, etc.)
  • When giving confirmation on a "will-call" order, please call 2 hours before the desired delivery
  • Clear communication on where the desired wash out area is
  • 3 Cubic Yard minimum
  • Standard Hours: 7-5 weekdays, 7-12 Saturdays
  • Specify if you would like heated aggregates, hot water, or cold water in your mix
LCI Concrete

Credit Application

Fill out and mail the Credit Application to 10797 E 755th St., Colchester, IL 62326. Alternatively, you may email your completed application to

LCI Concrete